On this page you can find some sample applications that show the various features provided by Red5.

You must install the demo applications before running them.

Shared Ball

A simple shared ball demo that makes use of Shared Objects. View demo

Admin Panel

The Red5 administration panel. View demo | AIR version

Echo Test

A test application that runs RTMP/AMF datatype tests. note: as of 0.8.RC2 several of the AMF tests fail. View demo


Simple video player as shown on the Online Open Source Flash conference. View demo

Port Tester

Simple port tester tool that determines which ports the Flash Player is able to connect through to the Red5 server. View demo


Publishing program that can be used to publish, record and view videos. View demo

Bandwidth Detection

Demo application that detects the client bandwidth. View demo

Simple Chat

Basic chat demo that uses Shared Objects to send chat messages. View demo

Simple Broadcaster

Basic live video broadcaster. View demo

Simple Subscriber

Basic live video subscriber to be used with the simple subscriber. View demo

Simple Recorder

Basic live video recorder. Once you've stopped a recording, check out $RED5_HOME/webapps/oflaDemo/streams for your recorded FLV file. View demo

The source code for the Flash parts of these demos is available at
The source code for the Java parts of these demos is available at